Delux Inn

We arrived a little late because we had been at a luncheon talking about what Church Without Walls does. It was a very interesting group-all older people-some even older than Dwayne and me. We were invited by Charlotte and John. This group does help financially with Church Without Walls, and we are very appreciative. So, we got to the Delux a little later than usual. I received a text from Lainey that there was a cute stray grey pit bull running around the trash-strewn parking lot. He had a red collar on, and yes he was very cute.

The very first thing we do is pray because we need it-not only to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus, but we pray for protection as well. 

Dwayne and Mark were visiting with a man who had a blue Vietnam Veteran’s baseball cap on. The obligatory questions were asked: where are you staying; are you a veteran; are you from here; do you have family; have you been to the Mission; have you stayed at the Salvation Army? The same questions we ask everybody that we come across. The man was staying in a room with three other people with two full beds. This was the room where we first went. We gave them soap, snacks and water. We asked the blue and white haired woman if she needed prayer, and she said that she needed help with a place to stay and for the car to be fixed. I pray for her while in the midst of the prayer the dog got out and started running all over the parking lot. It was chaotic-which is nothing new. Either the people who were staying there weren’t there, or they were choosing to ignore us. Some are glad to see us, and some could care less. It’s ok. 


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