Just because we only meet once a month doesn't mean that we are not aware of the needs of our friends. Just in the past two weeks we have helped a woman who was recently released from prison with clothes because women don't have a wardrobe when they come out of prison. Another one of our friends who lives under a bridge was in need of undergarments and clothes, and we helped her get clothing. There was a family of five living in a van, and we were contacted (yay) to see what we could do to help them. We filled their van up, encouraged them to fill out housing pre-application forms, so that hopefully they will have housing hopefully by the end of this week. Another couple that moved to Wichita Falls heard about Church Without Walls, and we got to visit with them, and we will help them get their water turned on. There are needs every day that we get to help the people with and encourage and try to empower them. Tomorrow I will be taking one of our friends, that was on the street for many years, but now is at an assisted living facility, to look at dogs because his doctor said he needed one for his anxiety. How cool is that? I get to take him and help him choose a dog!!!! I am so blessed to be able to do this, and I love it. Thank you for reading this! May you have an incredible, God-filled day!


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